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Thanks for purchasing the Beginner Package. The beginner lessons bundle is one of the most extensive beginner courses available.  The package of 71 lessons starts with the very basics and ends with barre chords, giving you all the essential skills required for any genre you might study in the future.  Concepts studied include basic scales and exercises, open chords, strumming, basic theory, 12 bar blues forms, barre chords, reading charts, and learning songs. Songs included in this package are Smoke On The Water, Star Spangled Banner, Iron Man, Rolling In The Deep, Sunshine Of Your Love, Shake It Off, Knockin On Heavens Door, Country Road, Brown Eyed Girl, Wagon Wheel, Wish You Were Here, Hey Ho, House Of The Rising Sun, Wild Thing, and Louie Louie.

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The 1 Year Subscription Plus includes all the above plus:

  • New Lessons each month
  • Lesson Tracking
  • Song Request
  • Jam Tracks
  • Includes Quick Start Beginner Package

NOTE: This subscription is good for 1 year and does not auto renew. You may renew after your subscription expires.

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Supplement your Beginner Lesson experience with the Quick Start Beginner Package.  This 20 lesson package includes a crash course in learning the basic chords needed to play your favorite songs. Topics covered are open chords, reading charts, and basic barre chords.  The Quick Start Beginner Lesson series is for those who are just interested in playing simple chords and versions of their favorite songs. If you are not aspiring to be a guitar virtuoso, but rather just play some songs around the “campfire” so to speak, than this series is for you.

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