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Our guitar lessons for kids are designed to provide an engaging, and low-stress method for children ages 6+ to learn to play. Our easy-paced 25 lesson program will get your kids playing songs in under a week.

Split screen angles with a unique, first person perspective
Play along tracks of popular music your kids will recognize
Short, bite-sized lessons to keep kids engaged at their own pace

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In this lesson we will learn the chords to Amazing Grace. At the end of the lesson we will try too play the melody and chords together creating a complete piece of music.

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- Nick

“I like that you show a first person and second person view of the neck as well as the string picking. Makes it a lot easier to visualize and follow along with every segment you break down”

- Kelly Robinson

“Best ukulele tutorial I have seen, thank you. I love the different camera angles so easy to see what you are playing.”

- Heather

“My daughter loves it! Within a day, she was playing songs! Highly recommend!”

The Instructors

Bryan Billhimer

Bryan is a graduate of University of Cincinnati’s College Conservatory of Music. He has been an international touring musician and private instructor for 25+ years.


If your child is able to hold this small instrument easily.
We recommend a concert or tenor sized guitar for the ease of playing. Smaller soprano uke’s can be tricky to tune and harder for small hands to finger well. Here is our recommended uke:
Ukulele’s are normally played with just the fingers so no pick is necessary!
You will need an electronic tuner. We recommend a Snark clip-on tuner. These are available on Sweetwater for under $15. Here’s a link:
While our videos are filmed with a right hand perspective, we find that left handers are quite adept and interpreting the fingerings and strumming in our videos.
Lessons range from 5 to 20 minutes depending on the content covered. We do recommend that students also practice on their own for 15 minutes a day to make the best improvement in playing.
Play Along tracks included are Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, This Little Light Of Mine, Stitches by Shawn Mendez, Love Yourself by Justin Beiber, Counting Stars by One Republic, Best Day Of My Life by American Authors, and Perfect by One Direction.
We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

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About Center Stage Guitar Academy

At Center Stage Guitar Academy, learning the guitar has never been easier for both adults and kids. With our easy to navigate online campus, you can be playing the guitar in no time. We provide a great alternative to expensive private lessons while maintaining the one on one, private lesson feel, utilizing multiple camera angles including our unique first person view!